Why Are Projectors So Expensive? 7 Best Reasons

Projectors are a comparatively less used class of electronic device. So most people around us will not be aware of its prices. But as you step into the market for buying projectors you will be surprised to see the sky rocketed prices. The first question that will come into your mind will be that Why are projectors so expensive? Then you will compare the price of projector with flat T.Vs. But after a little research you may find the answer to this question.

This article is solely designed to answer this very common question of yours that why are projectors so expensive. And even if they are expensive then why do people buy them and use them instead of using the much economical flat T.Vs?

Why Are Projectors So Expensive?

Have you ever dreamt of enjoying a good movie in the cozy ambience of your house? Certainly every one dreams of such a luxurious life where they get to enjoy such perks of life while sitting in their home. But do we realize the first and foremost requirement of making this dream into reality.

Yes the first requirement is a projector. You cannot make a home theatre without a projector. But while dreaming we forget the question that can we afford a projector or why are projectors so expensive. Here we will discuss the reason behind high prices of projectors along with the things that we can experience when we buy a projector. So let’s proceed.

1) Experiencing A Cinematic Vibe:

Movies are the same where ever we watch them but people still prefer to watch movies in cinemas. This is probably due to the cinematic experience that they get in that atmosphere. The darkness of the cinemas make it even much better. But you don’t always have to get out of your house to enjoy such an experience. You can buy a projector and set it up in you homes to get the experience of home theatre while staying in the comfortable environment of your own house and without any disturbance.

Besides, you can use a bigger screen and get a clear and sharp image due to good resolution of the projector. But like every other luxury in the world, this facility also comes with cost.

2) More Energy Consuming Than Televisions:

Projectors have better setting than any television owing to the function it performs. so the question is does projector consumes more electricity than projector. This makes its hardware and software more advanced as a result of which it is more costly to run a projector as compared to a flat T.V.

3) Better Image Quality As Compared To T.V:

We are using televisions since a very long time and by now we are aware that the picture quality offered by any kind of television is not that appreciable. Although the picture quality has improved to a great extent but there is still a room for improvement. On the contrary, projectors are devices of high resolution.

All the projectors come with a least of 1080p resolution. This means that the image quality offered by projectors is far better that offered by the flat televisions. So in order to project the image of higher resolution and better color and contrast the projectors require better parts and working. All of which requires money and this is one of the reason that why are projectors so expensive? Moreover, lumen number also determines the quality of the image formed. And greater the lumens greater is the electricity consumption which makes it even more expensive to buy and then run the projector.

4) Projectors Are Cheaper In Long Run:

Projectors although may seem a bit expensive when buying them but if you are using then for a long time you will realize that they are great investment. Now most of you will get confused that how are they better investments? First of all projectors are used for a long time and they come with a longer warranty as compared to televisions. So if your television gets damaged than after few years you cannot get it repaired free of cost. In contrast the parts of projectors can be repaired or even get replaced for a longer time and that without any expense.

Apart from this every new model of T.V is much more economical as compared to the previous models. So if you want to sell your T.V then either you will sell it a much lower cost or no one will buy a second hand T.V at a higher cost instead of buying a newer model. But if we talk about projectors, they can be sold at much better prices. This is the reason that why are projectors so expensive but people still buy them?

5) Projectors Are A Portable Technology:

Vendors are a wise group of people. They are completely aware of the value of the product that they are selling. Moreover, they also know the benefits of their product. So whenever the sell a product they do so according to its value and features. Same is the case with projectors. Projectors are light weight and smaller in size. They can be carried easily and can also be installed out doors. This portability adds value to the product as a result of which the vendors sell them at higher prices.

6) Projectors Are Still Required By Few People:

Another reason that answers the question that why are projectors so expensive is the demand and supply chain. Projectors are still used commonly in offices and rarely in homes. So only a few rich people are able to afford them. This means that the market for projectors is still too small. If the market gets bigger the manufacturers will definitely find alternative to expensive parts and make projectors in a much lower price. But certainly this will take some time.

7) Customizable Settings:

Projector being a new technology offer the users with n unlimited range of options to choose from. This customizable nature and versatile operating range again adds value to the product. This makes the device even more desirable. This ultimately leads to its expensive nature. These reasons tell us that why are projectors so expensive?


Today we have discussed why are projectors so expensive. There are various reasons due to which projectors are more expensive and preferred over T.V. Moreover, They are considered to be latest and improved technology over old conventional T.V’s. I hope this article provides you a complete explanation. Good Luck!

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