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Here at Projectors Focus, we are basically tech enthusiasts and appreciate all sorts of latest tech like gaming devices, laptops, television, mobile phones and specially projectors. Considering our love for technology, we created our website Projectorsfocus.com. We are here to guide you about all sorts of information on projectors, and provide you with skills, tips and tricks for your daily life advantage!

We have worked hard, tested various projectors and created content about projectors just for you. Our daily guides about how to manage projectors and their accessories will help you manage projectors, as well as the best options of which projector is best for buying in the market. After working numerous hours to understand projectors, their parts, accessories and wiring, we created a website to help people deal with these tasks in daily life with guidance.

Projectors Focus is here to guide you to deal with projectors by yourself and bring them to your home, workplace or gaming stations to benefit yourself.

Maira Bano


Maira Bano, The founder of projectorsfocus.com, has been in the Tv and projector industry for years and is a specialist in projectors. She also works as a consultant with various projector companies.

Adeel Nishat

Chief Editor

Adeel Nishat is the Chief Editor of projectorsfocus.com, he has a great experience in technological industries and has a vast knowledge of the features and specifications of projectors. Moreover, he also writes several blogs for tech products.

nageen 2

Managing Editor

Nageen Shawaiz is Managing Editor of projectorsfocus.com, She has a 4 year experience in the field of projector. Nageen Shawaiz is a writer who is capable of writing various product reviews and tips about technology.

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