Privacy Policy

If you want to ask any questions about our privacy policy you can contact us on [email protected]

By accessing you provide us your data. We ensure that your data and privacy is safeguarded. On we consider the visitor’s privacy very important. This privacy policy explains that how the collected data is utilized by us. Failure in following these terms listed below may lead to the proscription of the website and all the activities related to it.

Which type of data is collected by us?

  • Any information provided by the users:

It is the data provided by the visitors. It can be name, e-mail, or any sort of address. This information is only gathered to enhance the user experience or service. This information is confidential and is not shared with any third party.

  • Automatically collected information:

The website contains special techniques such as cookies which are used for the analysis of the movements and behavior of the user. These tools are only for the betterment of user experience. If you have an issue with automatic data collection, then you must know that cookies are stored in your own computer so you can turn them off without any harm. can only access those cookies which are generated by their own website. We use various third party service providers to analyze the data such as google analytics.

  • Technical data:

The use of this information is to ensure the proper navigation of users on the website. It collects data such as IP address of the device, operating system, specifications, time zone, and browser type. We may also collect URL and how you came to know about this website.

Data usage:

The collection of the personal data of the user is solely for the betterment and enhancement of the user experience. It includes:

  • Providing user with various attractive offers
  • Sending information in which they are interested
  • Modifying the website according to the visitor’s needs
  • Maintaining a connection between the website and the user

This information can also be used by the website and user by following ways:

  • Comments of users:

When the user comments on the IP address and the browser agent string of the user is verified in order to prevent form spam comments.

  • Subscription form:

If you have decided to subscribe us you have to provide your information in the contact section, this information is particularly used to contact the user. Moreover, this information is neither provided to any third party service nor for advertising purpose.

Our protection:

We promise that the privacy of our customers is protected and following principles are followed for this purpose:

  • Complete data is processed in a transparent way.
  • Users are provided a complete information about the usage of their data.
  • The data is only used for the purposes stated above in privacy policy.
  • To ensure that the data is stored confidentially.

Embedded content:

Some articles present on the website may contain embedded videos, images and content. Any third party service whose content is embedded on this website is considered trusted. If any third party service is featured on our website it is considered trusted. is not responsible for the content provided by any third party service on this website. Still we welcome feedback and comments for users regarding any third party content available on our website.