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When we buy an electronic device, we come across a number of specifications. Similarly, we also come across specifications when we go out looking for projectors for our offices and our educational institutions. One such specification is lumen. But what is lumens in projector. Lumen is directly related to the strength of light source in the projector. Here another question arises that why the strength of light source is important. Actually, the strength of light source determines the result of projector in different environments. As the lumens increase the value of the projector increases. We have given detailed answers to these questions in article given below.

What is lumens in projector?

Lumens can be defined as the brightness offered by any projector. Technically termed as ANSI lumen, this term is directly related to the light source strength.  Every light source can be described by this term be it a light bulb or even a candle. For instance, a light bulb gives a light of 16oo lumens whereas light on a set of a film is 1000 lumens.

This was a basic description for easy understanding. Now coming towards the world of projectors we see that many light sources can be utilized like laser or LED. If an LED is utilized, it gives light of 2000 lumens whereas using laser we get a light of 3500 lumens. Besides these two sources lamps are also used which also provide a maximum of 2000 lumens. But LED based projectors are better at providing higher quality results. So it clearly shows that even with a lower lumen value the LED light sources are preferred over others as they provide a better resolution.

How many lumens would be enough when buying a projector?

The judgement for number of lumens is very difficult. When it comes to televisions, you can compare the numerous models side by side but in the case of projectors this is not possible. This is because the results of a projector depend entirely upon the ambience of the room in which it is to be used. Hence projectors with same number of lumens behave differently in different environments. For instance two projectors with same lumen ratio are used, one in a dark room and the other a little light, the projector used in darker room performs better as compared to the one used in light.

Factors affecting the selection of projectors:

First factor impacting the selection procedure is the ambient light. In simple words if we are using projector in an entirely dark room then any projector with lumen around 1000 to 1200 will be enough. Here entirely dark means when even sunlight is absent. But if even a bit of light is available then we would certainly use a projector with greater number of lumens probably 2500 to 3000.

Another factor responsible for projector selection is the size of screen.  The larger the desired screen size, greater the brightness from the light source. These are the two significant prospects which need to be kept in mind while buying projectors. There are a number of different methods to make a projector brighter which can be used to enhance the projector brightness.

A brief overview on connection between space size and lumens:

  • Smaller set ups: 3000 to 4000 lumens
  • Middle sized set ups: 4000 to 4999 lumens with an 80 plus screen size
  • Large set ups: above 5000 lumens with almost 100+ screen size.
What Is Lumens In Projector


1. Are projectors with higher lumens costly?

Clearly! projectors with a higher ratio of lumens are costly because the resolution of a projector depend on the number of lumens of its light source.

2. How much lumens are good for a home theatre?

For a small house setup 3000 to 4000 lumens are enough on average. It also depends upon the size of the screen used.

3. Which projectors are used for better results?

Normally, the laser based projectors have higher lumen ratio than LED projectors but LED projectors provide a better and high quality result.

4. Is projector worth buying for home?

Yes! projectors are with buying for home because it is always better to consume media over a larger screen. Moreover, home theatres using projectors are the first choice for consuming media.


In this article we have answered the most asked questions while buying a projector i.e., what is lumens in projector and what factors impact lumen number in a projector. Surely, you have to make an estimate of the screen and the space of the room in which the projector is to be installed. But if you are finding a more economical solution then you can even use a lower brightness and less lumen number projector. The use of projector and the choice of buying all depends upon the size of screen and the purpose of use. If you are thinking about buying a projector for home theatre then a projector with 3000 to 4000 lumens is worth buying.

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