How To Make Projector Brighter: 8 Basic Steps To Follow

Finally, you are using a projector and trying to fetch the most out of a projector. Moreover, a projector’s graphics are most important and directly related to brightness. If you want to know how to make projector brighter? Then you must know that the maximum brightness levels and spectrum differ in various types of projectors. Just so you know, while purchasing a projector for home or gaming, brightness must be kept in mind.

For example, if you go for a cheap projector, it may have low brightness levels, which could be better for user experience, whether used in a gaming station or for home theatre. So there is always a need to increase the projector brightness to increase the image quality. If you’d like to know how to make projector brighter, you can read the article below.

What is the brightness of a projector?

The brightness of a projector is measured in unit lumen. The required lumens depend upon where the projector is used and the lighting conditions of that place. If you are considering buying a projector for a room theatre, then its minimum level of brightness must be 1500 lumens. But the brightness level might increase in some places with more brightness, like a room with windows. Now let’s see how to make projector brighter in 8 common ways.

Factors affecting the projector brightness:

If you want to learn how to make projector brighter, you must know what factors are affecting the brightness of a projector. Apart from the feature regarding the content, some physical features may also affect the brightness. Some of then are mentioned below:

1. Ambient lights and distance:

Distance from the projector screen decreases the brightness as the light gets dimmer over a considerable distance. Moreover, the ambient lighting environment causes the projector’s brightness to look less, so it is preferred that the projector is used in a darker environment.

2. Screen size:

If the screen size increases, the projector brightness might decrease because the light is distributed over a large surface area, causing the decrease in intensity of brightness.

3. Other conditions:

Other environmental conditions may also affect the brightness of a projector. Most of the ordinary condition is a lighting condition or a brighter environment. In a brighter environment, the projector’s brightness might decrease, so it is necessary to increase it.

Many people don’t know how to make projector brighter, so we have provided a guide below so you can learn how to make projector brighter in simple steps.

How to make projector brighter?

The brightness of a projector depends upon various factors which must be considered. We want you to know that if you follow some of these steps, the brightness of your projector will surely improve.

1. Cleaning the projector lens:

The first factor on which brightness depends is the projector lens cleanliness. The lens becomes dirty and dusty with time. Consequently, this can block the light, decrease the light and dull the image. So, to improve the picture quality, try cleaning the projector’s lens.

How To Make Projector Brighter

2. Using projectors in dark:

Sometimes, we can change the environmental conditions when projectors are malfunctioning incorrectly. For example, we can create a dark surrounding so the light can be projected correctly.

3. Using projector without eco-mode:

Eco-mode is a handy setting in projectors as it enhances the life of the lamps. Moreover, it can also reduce the consumption of electricity to some extent and also works to eliminate background noise signals. This mode is handy in dark mode. But the mode should be turned off if the lumens are weak and the room is not dark enough.

How To Make Projector Brighter

4. Using white screens:

You can get a bright image using a white screen compared to a grey one. This is because white does not absorb any color but reflects color ultimately. Therefore, very bright and clear images are formed. So use a white screen in the dark surrounding to get clear images.

How To Make Projector Brighter

5. High gain feature:

Another unique feature of projectors is high gain. this features alters the surface property of the screen. In this way a clear brighter image of better quality appears. Moreover, watching from other angles create a problem when using huge screens. At this time high gain features comes to the rescue.

6. Manual brightness feature:

Like all electronics, you can also change the brightness of projectors. You can use remote or change settings from the projectors as well. When all the other steps do not help, this step will surely help. Moreover, this step is straightforward to achieve compared to all other steps.

To change the brightness, go to the menu settings and open the display. Then you can just open display settings and adjust the brightness accordingly.

7. Cleaning the vents:

All the electronics have open airways. Similarly, projectors also have retractable airways. If image quality is not good then you can try to clean the vents. in this way projector will not heat up and will work in the best way.

8. Replacing bulbs:

The light source also plays a vital role in creating an image of the best quality. This is why attention should be paid to the brightness of the life bulb. Use a new bulb, and the image will become bright instantly.

How To Make Projector Brighter


In this article, we discussed the role of brightness and its effects on the content. The most common question is how to make projector brighter. We provided an easy guide. We promise that following some of the steps mentioned in the guide above will improve your projector’s brightness. Moreover, there are a lot of problems regarding the projector, which are shared among the users, and we are ready to help you out with them. Visit our website for more information about projectors.


What points should be kept in mind while cleaning the lens?

Firstly, do not blow air onto the lens because the acidity of saliva can damage the lens surface. Secondly, never use an ordinary or rough cloth as it can create scratches on the surface of the lens.

What is the effect of using a projector in lighting?

While using a projector in lightning, we might feel that its brightness could be higher and the image quality could be better. So, we must use the projector in a dark environment to enhance its brightness and image quality.

What is the major role of brightness of projector?

Clearly, the brightness of the projector defines the graphics of the content. Moreover, it improves the user experience.

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