How To Hang Projector Screen? 3 Basic Methods

It looks like you are getting along with the new projector. Projectors can be used without screens on plain walls and other surfaces, but the best way to get the most out of the projectors is to use a projector screen. Most people struggle with setting up a projector, but you have done well. If you have not, then you can visit its quick guide on our website. Now we’ll be able to give you a short guide about how to hang projector screen.

The most important thing about the projector screen is that you have the option to control the placement of the screen, which helps in choosing the viewing angle of the content. The selection of placement of the screen depends upon that which projector you choose. So, without wasting your time, let’s discuss how to hang projector screen.

Places to hang a projector screen?

People use various places to hang a projector screen, but the most common among them is the ceiling. For hanging a projector screen to the ceiling, you have to buy a specific ceiling-mounted projector screen. Still, other options are there; if you are not satisfied with using a ceiling-mounted projector screen, you can also use a wall-mounted screen. It is the most used type of screen because it is the easiest to install. The third option is a tripod stand screen. The screen is in-built with the stand but offers less adjustment than others.

  1. Ceiling-mounted screen.
  2. Wall-mounted screen.
  3. Tripod stand screen.

Requirements to mount projector screen:

If you want to learn how to hang projector screen, you must know the materials required used for hanging a projector screen. The necessary materials required for mounting a projector screen are mentioned below:

  • Measuring tape (For area measurement).
  • Pencils (For mentioning points).
  • Ladder.
  • Screws (For fixing).
  • Drill (For making holes).
  • Projector screen (Most important).
  • Tripod stand (If required).

How to hang projector screen?

As mentioned above, there are three main methods for hanging a projector screen. All three methods are explained below with easy steps.

1. How to hang projector screen on ceiling?

It would be best if you had a remarkable ceiling-mounted screen for hanging a projector screen to the ceiling. I have for you here the steps involved in hanging a projector screen.

  • Measurements: The most common step in all types of screen mounting methods is always taking measurements using the measuring tape. You have to make the measurements which helps to decide the specific place you can choose for hanging the screen.
  • Preparation: The next step after the measurement is preparing the ceiling, which includes cleaning and removing obstacles.
  • Installation of brackets: You have to install the brackets for the projector screen. For this purpose, you must drill and make holes, then fix the brackets.
  • Attachment of screen: Attach the screen to the brackets fixed in the ceiling to hang the screen with the ceiling.
  • Projector connection: Final step is the connection of the projector. You don’t need a specific method to connect the projector to the screen. You just need to adjust the focus and zoom of the projector according to the size of the screen.

2. How to hang projector screen on wall?

It is the most common way to hang a projector screen as it is the easiest way for installation of projector screen. The easy steps below explain the hanging of the projector screen on the wall.

How To Hang Projector Screen
  • Location: Choosing the location is the first step in hanging a projector screen. Please remember that you can choose a place on the wall that is strong enough and holds the projector screen’s weight.
  • Marking the spots: After selecting the place, mark the screen’s location. This helps to avoid mistakes in making holes in the wall for brackets.
  • Drilling: After marking the holes drill is used to make holes in the wall.
  • Bracket fixing: After making holes fix the brackets in the wall, which will be used to hang the projector screen.
  • Hanging the screen: Then, hang the screen in the brackets and make sure that they are strong enough to carry its weight.
  • Adjusting the projector: Adjust the focus and zoom of the projector according to the location and size of the screen.

3. How to hang a projector screen on tripod stand?

If you want to avoid hanging a projector screen on the wall or ceiling, you can choose a tripod stand. For this purpose, you must buy a tripod stand with a built-in screen. There is no process for installation, but you have to place and adjust the stand. The process is explained following;

How To Hang Projector Screen
  • Adjustment of tripod legs: First of all, you need to extend or open the legs of the tripod stand enough that it may not fall or topple over.
  • Fixing the screen: The issue with screens on tripod stands is that they fall from them. It would be best if you made sure that the screens are fixed enough that they remain intact without falling.
  • Opening the screen and projector adjustment: The final step is to extend the screen and adjust the projector’s zoom and focus according to the screen’s location and size.


You are getting along with the projectors well. We’re here to answer all your questions about projectors. The most common question related to projectors is how to hang projector screen. There are several ways to install a projector screen. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose the method that suits you and your space. We have explained all three methods, answering the question of how to hang a projector screen. Good Luck with your screen installation.


How to hang projector screen on wall?

Hanging a projector screen is a simple task. It is explained in the easy steps above. You need basic stuff to carry out all processes.

Is projector screen worth it?

You can use projectors without a screen. But the primary advantage of the screen is that it offers an excellent option for adjusting the viewing angle of the projector.

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