How To Mount a Projector: 4 Popular Ways

You have decided to make a change and finally bought a projector. Now the primary step is to mount and then set up the projector. It isn’t easy to mount a projector for someone doing it for the first time. So we are here to tell you how to mount a projector in simple and easy steps. Moreover, mounting a projector is relatively easy and has different ways. I’ve explained many different forms of mounting a projector below, but which one only depends upon the location you selected to mount your projector?

How to mount a projector: 4 different ways

I just wanted to let you know that the projector’s mounting depends upon the location you selected. There are four common ways to mount a projector. All four ways are mentioned below. But the question still is how to mount a projector, which we will answer below.

1. Ceiling mounted:

It means that you can mount your projector to the ceiling. You can also buy specific ceiling mounts from the manufacturer. The main advantage of purchasing these mounts is that you can have them in different sizes and adjustments according to the projector location you have decided. It also helps to project according to the area of the projector screen because screens can also be mounted to the ceiling.

How To Mount a Projector

2. Wall mounted bracket:

In this type, a bracket is created, which is then fixed in the wall. Then the projector is placed in this bracket. It is mainly used where the ceiling-mounted technique cannot be used. The brackets can be bought from the manufacturer and can also be designed according to the requirements of the place.

How To Mount a Projector

3. Shelf mounted:

If you are looking for the cheapest projector option, please feel free to consider shelf mounting. In this technique, you need to design a shelf and place your projector on it. But the major drawback of this design is that projectors are heavy, requiring a strong base under them. Moreover, if you spend a significant sum on a projector, why not consider a reliable mounting technique?

How To Mount a Projector

4. Fixed box:

If someone is considering revolutionising projectors, they prefer this method of mounting a projector. In this technique, a hole or box is made in the wall to fit the projector inside that box. It looks elegant and sleek for the room but has a drawback: the projector is stuck in the space, so it needs more space or area to move the projector for a better viewing angle.

How To Mount a Projector

How to mount a projector (easy guide):

When you mount a projector to a wall, ceiling or anywhere else, it requires a series of measurements and calculations. More this process must be done in steps. So, we are here to teach you how to mount a projector in steps.

1. Decision about placement of projector:

  • Calculating throw distance: If you have already decided on the place of the projector screen, then you have to calculate and determine the placement on the projector accordingly. To calculate the throw distance, you must know its formula. The formula for calculating throw distance is to the (screen width X throw ratio = throw distance). You have to use this formula to determine the correct distance for mounting of projector
  • Best throw distance determination: When you have calculated the best throw distance, you have to select the perfect location to mount the projector. Such as, if the projector has a heavy weight, you may not hang it above your head. You have to look at other factors like length of wiring etc. All these factors affect the placement of the projector.
  • Vertical offset decision: In this phase, you also need to decide the perfect vertical location for placing your projector. It also requires some calculations. The formula for its calculation is (offset percentage X screen height = distance of the lens from the screen.

2. Mounting the projector:

  • Best mounting technique: First of all, it is necessary to understand that for mounting of projector, you have to decide the best technique possible for its mounting. It all depends on the size of the room setting. Area of the place, size of the screen, etc. Such as in small rooms, fixed-box projectors are preferred. Moreover, ceiling-mounted projectors are always preferred over other types.
  • I’ve attached an attachment when it is decided how to mount a projector. It is the right time to attach the mounting brackets. For example, if you have decided to mount it to the ceiling, you must connect the brackets to the ceiling and the back of the projector.
  • Mount-to-lens distance: You must adjust the mount-to-lens length. This distance shows the image projection on the screen.
  • Securing the projector: Once the mount-to-lens distance is calculated then you have to fix the screws to secure the position of the projector.
  • Plugging the cables: The next step is plugging the cables. The most common cable is the HDMI and Power cable. But additional cables are also used if you want to connect the phone to a projector or an iPad.

3. Setting the projector:

  • Focus and zoom adjustments: After fixing the projector, the next step will be the adjustment of zoom and focus. There are two types of adjustments. Some projectors offer these adjustments inside their digital settings, while others have a manual knob for adjustment.
  • Sound adjustment: Most projectors have optimal sound for everyday use. But it is always preferred if you set up a gaming station or home theatre to attach external speakers with the projector.
  • Picture adjustment: The final step is adjusting the size of the image from the settings.
  • Enjoy the content: Now your projector is set completely. You can enjoy the content seamlessly without any problems. Enjoy!


So if you are changing from a Tv to a projector, it is the right time to learn everything about projectors. After buying a projector, the first step is to mount a projector. Today we have explained how to mount a projector. We have described it quickly and easily, and I hope it will help you. Good Luck with your installation.


How to mount a projector on wall?

The process, explained above in easy steps is used for mounting a projector. If you want to mount a projector on the wall, you need to install the brackets over the decided place and fix the projector.

Which mounting is best for gaming?

The projector must be mounted on the ceiling for gaming, offering better throw and viewing angles.

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