What are the 5 basic types of projectors? An easy guide

For the time being, projectors are considered worth buying because of their multiple features. Projectors being used in different fields is one of the biggest pros of it and there are also many types of projectors. As projectors are making everything interesting and more fun. In this world of technology, inventors have made many modifications for customers. So, they could attract customers and increase their company sales. In this article, you’ll get to learn about all the different types of projectors and their advanced features that make them worth buying. This article would help you to get all the important information before selecting a type of projector according to your needs.

Types of projectors:

Types of projectors depend on the features they are built in also by the means of usage or the environment they are supposed to be used in. To read the basic information about all types and their specifications scroll down.

According to features:

Types of projectors are following.

  • Projectors with Wi-Fi connections:

Projectors with Wi-Fi support dual network it could be used with the wifi connection or with the other 4G or 5G wifi offers too. This feature makes it more popular and customers demand it because with a stable internet connection you could see anything on a bigger screen without lagging. This feature is also helpful in online gaming and lives to stream as well. Once you connect it to wifi and you can connect your device with your projector anytime. 

  • Projectors with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

Projectors with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are even more in demand because of lag-free video streams. Bluetooth helps the customer to easily connect ideal headphones, speakers, and also other audio equipment. This makes the whole setup more comfortable. These are among the best demanded types of projectors.

  • Portable DVD built-in projectors:

These projectors with portable DVDs built-in are mainly the 4k projectors with the additional feature. This DVD built-in feature entertains the consumer with an HD projector that provides better brightness along with big display size. This technology, mainly the LCD projectors provides more clear images and more detailed ones as compared to the other projectors. You can enjoy games, movies, and videos no matter what at home.

  • Mini portable home theatres:

This is one of the types of projectors that has the most interesting features and the most amazing thing about it is that it’s even available in a size of a soda can. You can even hold it in one hand because it is small and lightweight which makes it easy to travel with. You could carry it anywhere, even camping. As these mini projectors are portable so could use them for more than 3 hours on a single charge. Besides being easy to carry it has other amazing features too like auto vertical keystones.

  • Projectors with HiFi speakers:

Projectors with HiFi speakers are mainly invented for outdoor setups with better sound quality and along with this, they have the feature of a brighter screen display to make sure customers enjoy the best image quality in darkness. These are best to use in the evenings too. In outdoor projectors companies also provide tripods to make sure a stable stance on any surface or even under circumstances. These projectors also provide the option of connecting your speaker system to the projectors.

Pros and Cons:


  • Mini portable projectors are space-saving because they are compact and easy to carry instead of large projectors. Even with being small in size they still have all these possible features.
  • Projectors with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are easy to use because of the latest technology they are built in with and along this. It also provides the best image display
  • A large projector screen is always fascinating for users because of the dilemma of a big screen and sharper images make it more popular. Projectors are way more budget-friendly as compared to buying large TVs and other equipment.
  • Projectors with newly built-in features are easiest to use and even installing the whole setup at home is just a cakewalk.


  • One of the biggest cons of projectors is that it requires maintenance. As it includes a flat screen for display and its material is delicate too. It requires extra care and maintenance for a better view. 
  • Rainbow artifacts are one of the biggest issues that customers experience because of poor handling.
  • Most projector setups require a separate audio system which always makes it more costly and this drawback makes people think about it twice before buying it.
  • In mini portable projectors, one of the biggest cons is the charging time. These devices only work for 3 hours after a single charge. If you are planning to go on a long trip you should have to carry extra chargers for long-term use.


1. Are smart projectors worth buying?

Smart projectors are one of the special types of projectors. Smart projectors are the latest inventions of time and along with full LED HD view, and portable size. Also, the Luminous LED light source with better lumens is a game changer in this industry.

2. How many lumens is good for a projector?

As a projector brightness is measured in lumens. It depends on the need of a person for what purpose they need a projector. For home use, 1500 lumens are enough; for professional use up to 2500 lumens is best. If you are looking for a projector for a home setup.

3. Can I connect the projector with my iPhone?

YES, it is possible to connect any phone with your projector setup. For this, all you have to do is Plug your digital AV adapter into the charging port of your device. Connect the HDMI cable with the AV cable to your adapter and just connect the other end of your HDMI with your display screen.


I hope this article was worthy enough to educate about projectors and after reading this article about the Types of Projectors. If you are looking to set up a home theatre then projectors with wifi connection and Bluetooth are the best option. Either with DLP or LCD technology, both could be used per personal needs. In the case of outdoor usage mini portable projectors are the top priority of customers. It’s not only easy to carry but also has almost all the essential features that a projector could need such as HiFi speakers and stability stands. These portable projectors don’t make noise at all with their numerous modes. I hoe know you know all types of projectors completely.

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