Does a Projector Use a Lot of Electricity? Guide 2024

Projectors use more electricity than an HDTV but not very high. It is a great concern for the users that does a projector use a lot of electricity? Using an HDTV obviously leads to less consumption of electricity. Moreover, projectors require more electricity because their lamp needs maximum electrical energy to work at maximum efficiency. Most of the users still wonder about the electrical power used and what affects it causes on monthly bills of electricity. Complete power consumption and it’s methods of calculation are explained below.

Types of Projector and Their Power Consumption

There are various types of projectors available. Some of them consume more energy than other. Various types of projectors along with their power consumption are mention below:

1. Portable Projectors

These Projectors are also called battery operated projectors. It is similar to smartphone. It also uses Li-ion battery which provides power on which this projector runs. So, if we talk about its power consumption we can say it depends on its size. But a rough estimate says that it can consume power between 10-90 watts.

does a projector use a lot of electricity
Portable Projector

Portable projectors are inexpensive and also considered to be pocketable. But their drawback is that they cannot posses the features of a complete projector. So, they have limited features and lack high brightness, larger screen and Etc.

2. Laser Projectors

Laser projectors are the latest projector technology which use a laser beam to project and image on the projector screen. The laser technology used in this projector is completely safe without any harm. Most of the laser projectors use the highest among other projectors. Laser projector consumes about more that 250 watt commonly.

does a projector use a lot of electricity
Laser Projector

3. LED Projectors

If you have an LED projector and you think that does a projector use a lot of electricity? then it is a good news that LED projector is a mixture of portable projector and a complete projector. It means that it consumes power like a portable projector but provides all features like a large projector. LED projectors consume an optimal power between 30-150 watts.

does a projector use a lot of electricity
LED Projector

Moreover, they are very affordable and most used type of projector as it suits to most of the buyers.

4. DLP Projectors

Among all the projectors DLP projectors are the oldest projection technology. In addition to this DLP projectors has their own pros and cons. In pros we can say they provide at least 5 to 8 time the brightness provided by LED projectors. But the con is due to high brightness provided they are the highest power consuming projectors available. They consume a storming power between 150-350 watts.

does a projector use a lot of electricity
DLP Projector

How Much Power Does a Projector Bulb Consumes?

It is understood that almost all the energy used by a projector is consumed by its main part which is its bulb. The consumption of power by a projector solely depends upon the capacity of its bulb. The consumption of power by various projector bulbs is given below:

Laser Light Source(200) watt per hour
LED Light Source(30-100) watt per hour
Halogen Light Source(600-1500) watt per hour
Incandescent Lamps(300-500) watt per hour

How To Calculate Projector Power Consumption

If you want to know that does a projector use a lot of electricity? then you need to know how to calculate the projector power consumption. Moreover, it helps to understand the effect of projector on your electricity bill. The method to calculate the consumption of electricity is mentioned below in easy steps.

If you want to know the power consumption of you projector the first option is to read the label attached to the projector. Clearly, the latest projectors have tags on the with power mentioned on them. If the attached label says that the power it consumes it 100 Watt then it means that 100 watt is consumed per hour.

Consumption of Power On Daily Basis

If you want to know that does a projector use a lot of electricity? then you need to calculate your own consumption to judge that how much a projector effects you electricity bills. The power consumption of a projector is mentioned on the tag of the projector. If it is written 90 watt it means that projector consumes 90 watt per hour and if you use the projector for 3 hours then 90 X 3= 270. It means that your projector used 270 watts in a day.

Consumption of a Month

Moreover, you need to calculate this consumption daily and then add this up for whole month to know the power consumed by the projector. For example if you use 90 watts daily for 3 hours then 90 X 3 is 240 watt and if 270 watts are used daily for a month they will be 270 X 30 = 8100 watts per month.


If you know how a projector works then you are familiar that most of the power in a projector goes to its lighting system. So, the main question asked by most of the people is does a projector use a lot of electricity? Then you need to understand that it always rely on the duration of use of projector. So we have explained that how can you calculate your daily and monthly consumption of power to answer the question that does a projector use a lot of electricity. I hope this article has helped you. Good Luck.


Does a projector use a lot of electricity if it is plugged all the time?

Typically, it is not good to plug your projector all the time but you cant immediately plug it out after use. Moreover, you should plug out the projector after 3 mins when you have ended using it. Yes, if you let it plugged in it will surely affect electricity.

What is the power consumption of a projector throughout its life?

You cannot judge a projector life but it is expected to live about 20,000 hours. Still you can calculate its power by its expected life.

Which projector is best for optimal power consumption?

If you want to spent least power portable projectors are best for it. But features are limited in them so it is best to used LED projectors in which power is optimal and features are just like other projectors.

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