How To Measure Projector Screen Size: 5 Easy Steps

Are you thinking about which projector screen to use for your conference, classroom or meeting? You can be confused because the projector screens have various shapes and sizes. But the main consideration is to know which size you want to have with your projector as standard size is not known. To select a screen you must know How to measure projector screen size? We are more than happy to help you for this.

Read the article below to understand how to measure projector screen size in easy steps:

Is projector screen necessary to use?

The projector screen is used to project the media from projector. There are other options such as a wall can be used in place of the projector screen. But the projector screen is always preferred over the wall because the wall lacks the reflecting ability and has pits, crack and bumps in its surface which causes a significant drop in clarity and graphics of the content. So, if you ask whether the projector screen is necessary or not? we will say that it is necessary to have any sort of surface for projection of image. But using a projector screen is better not necessary, if you don’t have enough budget you can also use wall and other surfaces for projector.

How to measure projector screen size? And adjusting the screen:

There are various methods to calculate the projector screen size but the most easiest method is to simply measure the length from the top left to the bottom right corner of the projector screen. Moreover, you can alter the screen size by the zoom feature, adjusting the projector mounting place, and equipment alteration.

How To Measure Projector Screen Size

If you are setting up a projector then you must know the requirement of the screen size. In this regard we are here to help you. You can learn how to measure projector screen size in some easy basic steps and how to adjust the screen mentioned below:

1. Finding the best screen size according to space:

  • Calculating the viewing audience: First of all, you need to calculate the audience which is going to view the screen. For instance if the gathering is small a tripod stand screen is more than enough for good viewing. The size of tripod stand is 6′ to 8′. But if the gathering is more than 100 people it is better to have a ceiling mounted screen which can be viewed from a distance.
  • Determine the aspect ratio: The aspect ratio id determined by the content. You have to check whether the content is 4:3 or 16:9. The exact meaning of aspect ratio is the shape of image. It is a ratio of width to height of the image.
  • Ceiling height determination: The height is determined only to check that the height of the ceiling is enough to keep up with all the processes.
How To Measure Projector Screen Size

2. Measurements:

Clearly, the next step is staking measurements. It is the most challenging step. As stated above, the projector screen is measured diagonally. So, it is very difficult to measure it accurately. Even if you are not considering to mount your equipment still you have to measure the distance between the wall and projector lens and multiply this value with the throw ratio. It will be the width of the projection.

After this you have to measure the height of the height of projection and put these values in the projector screen size calculator to determine the exact projector scree size.

3. Changing the size of projection:

If you want to increase the projection size then you have to move the projector equipment forward slowly and if you want to change the size of projection smaller than you have to move the equipment backwards slowly.

4. Zoom feature:

Commonly, moving a whole projector system along with its components is not great. So if you want to alter the size of projection you can change it with the knob of zoom present on the projector. It the projector is more advanced and manual knob is not present then change the zoom settings from the menu of projector. Moreover, if you increase the zoom the image size increases and if you decrease zoom the image size decreases. So we can adjust the size of image according the screen size of projector.

How To Measure Projector Screen Size

5. Keystoning issue:

The keystoning issue is an issue in which the image projected on the projector screen looks trapezoidal in which the upper corners are not correctly aligned with the lower corners.

This issue comes because the projector is not completely centered according to the projector screen. It can be solved simply by aligning the projector in the center. Moreover, it can be fixed in the software by a digital process.


Clearly, it requires a huge amount of experience to measure and adjust projector screen. But if you are a beginner and cannot measure the screen size of a projector then you are at the right place. In this article we have explained that how to measure projector screen size. In addition to this, wo have also mentioned the ways to adjust the screen. you just need to determine the size by carrying out various steps and then adjust the size.

I hope this article is helpful to you. For more information about projectors visit our website. Good Luck! for your setup.


1. How to measure projector screen size accurately?

You can measure the screen size by steps mentioned above. The accurate measurement is difficult but you can measure it if you want.

2. What is the common aspect ratio used?

The common aspect ratios used in projector screen are 4:3 or 16:9.

3. What is the purpose of zoom feature?

The main purpose of zoom feature in a projector is that it can make image larger or smaller. The zoom feature can help the user by adjusting the image according to the screen size available.

4. What is the major advantage of projector screen?

The image when projected on a screen it has a clear graphics and an HD image is formed. The image clarity is great and overall experience is worth buying.

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