Projector Screen Vs Wall: Which One Is Better

If you have just bought a projector then you would be wondering what are the other equipment required with it. The most important component required with a projector is a projector screen on which the images are projected. Moreover, in some cases walls are also used instead to projector screen. So the question that comes in mind is Projector screen Vs wall which is preferred to be used. People have different preferences according to their requirement, choice and budget available.

Read the article below to understand which is better among projector screen vs wall and how to adjust the wall for projector.

Introduction: Projector Screen Vs Wall

If you simple ask that whether projector screen is better from a wall then I can say yes straight away. A projector work better and provides a high quality image on projector screen because it has an extremely smooth surface which helps the light to reflect better from its surface. The more light reflects from he surface the better is the image quality. Moreover, the walls have cracks and pits on their surface so they does not provide the intended image quality.

In addition to this, a special projector wall has a reflective coating on its surface which further improves image quality. The only down grade is that you have to specially mount the projector screen. Clearly, this coating is missing on the surface of wall. However, it can be done on walls as well by rubbing it with sand paper and then painting the wall with special projector paint. The walls lacking this coating does not provide the similar quality as projector screen and lacks image clarity and brightness.

Is there any advantage of using projector screen?

According to the reasons mentioned above we can confirm that there is a major advantage of using projector screen instead of wall. Clearly, it provides better quality images which have clarity and these factors are very important if you are setting up a home theatre. The factors which affect the projection of image on the wall are the texture of the wall and its color. For instance, the color of the area used for viewing is excessively dark or the wall has pit in it then the projected image quality is poor.

But if you don’t have any choice and you are obligated to use a wall. First of all you need to make sure that the wall surface is smooth. Take a sandpaper and rub it gently to avoide

, Then the wall is primed and the special projector pain is applied on it. When dried then it is used for testing the image quality.

Can we use a white wall for projector?

Although it might sound the same, but wall and screen do not give identical results. Rather, the wall gives excessively bad result due to its non-reflective nature. Screen in contrast is coated with optical enhancers which gives HD image quality. So, if you are thinking of using a white wall as a screen then do no forget to paint it with projector paint.

Projector Screen Vs Wall

Which colored wall works best for projector?

Now comes the most important question of all, that which color to paint the wall. So most if the people will opt for the most extreme choice, either black or bright white. But the best option is either light grey or greyish white. These colors work best if the projector has 3500 or more lumens.

Projector Screen Vs Wall

Most of you would be curious that why not opt for black or bright white. A s far as black is concerned it absorbs the light of all colors and hence it does not reflects picture of good quality. Rather the image comes out be dark as well as dull.

White on the other hand is very reflective. But it gives best quality image in most optimum conditions. Most optimum conditions mean in absence of any light like in theatres or while using a projector having a very high contrast ratio. Therefore, we can conclude that the kind of color depends upon the kind ambient conditions.

How to paint wall for projector:

There are several steps which are involved in painting of wall. Some of these steps are following

1. Collecting the materials:

First of all, for painting a wall for projector you need to gather all the material required for it. The list of materials include, sandpaper, wet cloth, Paints, Pencils, Paper tape, etc.

2. Wall preparation:

The next steps after material collection is wall preparation. This step includes a series of tasks. The main step is to decide where you need to build a screen. When the wall is selected then analyze the conditions whether there is any pits or bumps. If any bumps are present then rub the sandpaper to remove any sort of imperfections of the wall. after that clean the wall with the wet cloth. Then apply the primer on wall and let it dry for about 12-14 hours.

3. Trace the screen:

When the primer is dried out then you must trace out the screen on the wall with the black paint or any other prominent material. For tracing out you should turn on the projector and trace out the mark on the wall inside which the image is projected.

4. Paint the wall:

After all these steps the main step is to paint, Use a reflective color which is light white or greyish white. Make sure that the paint remains in the area which is traced. Repeat another layer but first let the first layer dry for 24 to 48 hours.

5. Finishing:

After all these processes you need to turn on the projector and check whether the image quality is intact or not and is projector screen Vs wall a better option.

Projector Screen Vs Wall


The major question was projector screen vs wall which is better? we suggest that if you have budget and if you have spent a large sum on projector why do not you buy a projector screen which provides better quality image. So projector screen is better option but if you are obligated and have no choice then you can think about using a wall. I hope you have understood the process of wall painting for projector. Best of luck for it!


1. Projector screen vs Wall which is a cheaper option?

The wall only requires a specific paint so it is a cheaper option rather than mounting a screen. But the screen has better resolution so the choice is yours.

2. Is it easy to paint a projector wall?

Yes obviously, it is very easy to paint a projector wall. Moreover, it is similar to room painting just the paint is different.

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