How Does Burn Spot On Projector Occurs? 4 Simple Reasons You Need To Know

Have you ever noticed burn spot on projectors? If yes then you are on the right place. We will explain you the reason for the appearance of these black spots. Besides, we will also tell you the method for the removal of these spots. In this way you can save up on both your money as well as your time.


With the passage of time electronics have taken over the world. We require these electronics for every little task in one way or another. So if a fault arises in any of these technical equipment, it is highly frustrating. One such feeling is felt by projector owners when they see dark spot on projector screens. In our frustration we rush to find a technician who can treat our electronic and solve the problem.

But this is where we go wrong. Although we need to take our electronic devices to best technicians, but some problems can be solved by the owners themselves. For this purpose we just need to understand the core reason behind the problem. Then we can solve the problem after a little guidance. So, you see we can fix our projectors at home with a little guidance. This is what e will do today. We will reveal the reason for burn spot on projector. Then we will tell the method to fix them.

Reason for burn spot on projector:

Although projector burn in appear due to 4 reasons, but we will proceed from the simplest to most complicated reason.

1) Aggregation of dirt on lenses:

One of the most common reason for spot appearance on the screen is aggregation of dirt on the lenses. Now most of the people will question that how burn spot on projector screen result from dirt on lenses. The answer to this question is that anything that appears on the screen is projected by lenses.

Burn Spot On Projector

As lenses are transparent so the image is always clear and bright. But when dirt aggregates on the lenses due to poor cleaning conditions then the picture is not projected properly. Rather dirt spots hinder the image and this is why back spot in projector image appear. This is why spots are sometime referred to as dirt spots instead of burn spots.

2) Overheating:

Very rarely the projectors start overheating. This may happen due to improper working of fan, blockage of air ventilation spots due to debris or dust, or poor functioning of any part. But most people are not able to differentiate between a dirt spot and a projector dark spot. When a spot is extremely black and it also grows with the passage of time it can be considered as a burnt projector lens.

Once you point out a burn spot, you need to check the projector readily because burn spot is probably due to improper functioning of any part. And you will need a professional advice about this problem. Professional technician might fix it or may change the part causing this problem.

Burn Spot On Projector

3) Improper functioning of lamp:

Lamps are an essential part of any projector. If the lamp is not functioning properly it can severely impact the image quality. Sometime improper functioning of lamp result in burn spot on projector. This is because the lamp is not able to provide light which is bright enough to project the image properly. So the areas where the light is dim appear as black spot. As the lamp grows older and weaker, the dark spot become larger and darker. So the projector bulb must be replaced in time.

4) A broken DMD chip:

Now this is the most complicated reason. Most people are not aware about DMD chip. Most people are not aware of DMD chip. It gives color. Once it breaks, we see burn spot on projector. And color detection in areas with projector burn mark is completely impossible.

These were the reasons that can lead to burn spot on projector. Now we need to learn the precautions to avoid these reasons.

How to avoid burn spot on projector?


In the above content we learnt about the reasons that lead to appearance of burn spot on projector screen. Now will will learn about the methods so projector screen burn is avoided. In this way we can save both money & time. So let us begin with our learning. Like the reasons we will start with most easiest option and move towards difficult ones.

1. Regular cleaning of lenses:

As we said that dirty lenses may lead to burn spot on projector. These spots are actually more of the dirt spots. So if we regularly clean the lenses of our projectors with any fine lint free cloth, we can clean the dirt and debris. Use a soft piece so that it might not damage the screen. In this way you can keep your projector in a much better condition for long interval of times.

2. Check the filters for cleaning:

Like every electronic device, projectors also have fine air vents for the heat to diffuse out. These vents sometimes get blocked with the aggregation of debris or dust. This causes a great deal of problems, but the major one is overheating. Yes, the heat produced inside the body of the projector is unable to leave it. In this way the device heats up. So you can open up the projector body and clean the filter and vents with a soft cloth.

You can use another method for cleaning the vents. For this purpose you ca use a blower. Blower uses the high pressured compressed air to clean the dust.

3. Replace the broken DMD Chip:

If the problem arose due to broken DM chip the we should focus on getting a new one. For this purpose we can visit a technician. This will help solve the problem.

Burn Spot On Projector


After all the discussion we realized that even small problems like dust can lead to burn spot on projector. So we can use simple approach of cleaning it and maintaining it to avoid any problem. For cleaning we can use both cloth as well as compressed air from a blower. A little care in home can help you save money and visits to a technician.


1. How cleaning of lens prevent burn spot?

Due to the accumulation of excessive debris the images cannot be projected properly and sometimes the burn spots are referred as dirt spots. So, cleaning of lens can help the lens appear transparent and clear again.

2. How overheating can be prevented?

First of all, it must be understood that the projector is not excessively used. If still it overheats then check the air vents. Sometimes the vents are blocked due to which air flow is obstructed causing the heat accumulation. So, the vents must be cleaned properly.

3. How does a burnt projector lens look like?

Most commonly when a projector lens is burnt there is a black spot on the screen which can be easily identified. Sometimes the lamp even does not turn on.

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