How To Clean Projector Lens: Easy Guide

Finally, you made a revolutionary change from a television to a more convenient piece of technology. Some of the users are using this piece of tech for many years and now they have started to fall prey of various issues. The most common issue among all issues is the debris that accumulates on the projector lens after a long term use. The most asked question by the users is how to clean projector lens. We know the issues you are facing and we are happy to help you by providing an easy guide for cleaning projector lens. Follow the steps below to clear all the debris present on the projector lens.


It is clearly instructed on the guide of the projector that you cannot clean the projector lens regularly as it may damage the lens. Moreover, you can clean the lens occasionally to ensure that they may not get damaged or scratched by the debris. In addition to this, you must follow several instructions in order to clean the projector lens properly without damaging them. Some easy steps are explained below about how to clean projector lens.

How to clean projector lens:

For cleaning projector lens, it is very important that you may disassemble the parts but if you are not good at reassembling than you must avoid disassembling parts and just remove the projector lamp. Moreover, if you cannot do that properly than hire someone that can properly do that for you. An easy guide is provided below.

How To Clean Projector Lens

1. Steps you take before cleaning lens:

First of all, ensure that when did you used the projector last time. If you have used the projector moments ago then let it cool down for 30 to 60 minutes. You must ensure that during cooling down it must be turned off properly. Check that it is disconnected form all the places and not attached with any wire. The most important is the cloth you use for cleaning; it must be soft and check that it should be no-lint microfiber cloth which is specially made for lens.

2. Cleaning substances used:

The first choice is always that you buy a lens cleaner form the market as it is best for cleaning lens. In case you don’t have a lens cleaner than you can use water mixed with a mild soap. You cannot use harsh cleaners like thinner, alcohol, or detergents as they may cause erosion on the surface of the lens. Towels or tissues have fibers in them which get stuck on the screen while cleaning, which leads to excessive damage and is not ideal.

3. Cleaning process:

You must clean the lens periodically to remove any sort of smudges or dirt present on them. Firstly, move the shutter to the side ad clean the lens glass with the microfiber cloth. If you feel that the smudges are very strong then apply the lens cleaning mixture on the cloth and rub it. In case the smudges are strong still don’t spray directly on the lens as it may seep through.

Always rub the cloth when it is wet with lens cleaning solution. Moreover, you have to just rotate the cloth in circular motion form the center. There are some precautions while cleaning lens are elaborate below.

Precautions of how to clean projector lens

There are many things that should be in a persons mind while cleaning a projector lens. You must take care that the cloth is not covered with lens cleaning liquid as it may seep down. Gently rub the lens and avoid scratches on the lens. A projector can also be flammable if you use a flammable lens cleaning liquid. Avoid impacting lens of the projector.

Problem due to use of harsh chemical substances:

The main aim of cleaning projector lens is always to get a clear image quality and avoiding any sorts of damage to the lens. It does not matter that how expensive or cheap is the cleaning solution the main aim is to prevent all sort of damage to the projector lens. We would prefer a small quantity of soap added in water as a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution must be non abrasive in nature.

Cloth materials for cleaning:

Most commonly two cloth materials are used for lens cleaning. One of which is tissue and other is microfiber cloth. Evidently, it is clear that microfiber cloth is the standout winner in the comparison between both the tissue and cloth. Make sure that the cloth is soft so it may not scratch the lens. On the other hand tissue has filaments in them that upon cleaning of lens stay on the screen. It is very important to wear gloves while carrying out any experiment on the projectors. as it may prevent all sorts of problems related to projectors.


We know that you are a projector enthusiast. Many problems occur with projectors and people search for then instantly. We are here to help you people to deal with all sorts of problems with projectors. Today we have discussed how to clean projector lens.

It is the most common and frequently asked question. We have explained in easy words that how to clean projector lens. Hope so that this article will be helpful to you.


1. Is it worth it to buy a projector?

Yes, it is always worth it to buy projectors because it has numerous advantages. You can consume media over a larger screen, it is more convenient to watch content on a larger screen.

2. Are projector lens damaged while cleaning:

It is not compulsory that the lens are damaged while cleaning but they can be damaged if you apply any sort of force or rub them vigorously. which causes scratches on the lens surface.

3. how to clean projector lens?

For this purpose you need perfect place and materials such as lens cleaning solution. The process is also explained in easy steps for you. Read the article and clean your projector lens as soon as possible.

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