Projector Vs Tv: Which Is Better


If you are thinking about which one is better between projector and Tv then you must know that both have their own use. Most of the people ask the same question that is Projector Vs Tv. So, we are here to explain you the difference and usage of both devices. Clearly, this will help you in selecting a better choice according to your requirements.

Tv is the most common device for media consumption for decades but the new technology gave rise to projectors which can be considered as a competition for Tv.

What is the major difference in projector and Tv?

Projector Vs Tv vary in the price ranges as well as features. When it comes to projector, it leads T.V in screen size and that also in lower price. Television on the other hand offers a much better image quality but obviously it is going to cost you a lot more. So each option comes with its pros as well as cons. Projector Vs Tv are affected by the pros and cons discussed in detail below.

projector vs tv

Advantages of using television:

Certain features of televisions are still unachievable by projectors. These features provides television an upper hand in comparison to projector. such factors are described below:

1. Ease for domestic use:

Although, projectors can be converted into television for domestic purpose, but it is far more easy to use a television for this purpose. Since you do not need any added part or setting for this purpose.

2. Picture quality:

Projectors can never compete with televisions in the quality of picture. besides, T.V screen shows the same image quality in any lighting, where as projectors vary in quality of image with change in the lighting of the room. Moreover the image quality of projector is affected by the lumens of brightness it delivers.

3. Contrast Ratio:

Basically, contrast ratio is the difference in the brightest and the darkest color. Televisions have a wide range of colors with between the brightest and the darkest range. this means that the image colors will be far more better in comparison to projectors.

Disadvantages of purchasing and using T.V:

Like every other thing in world, televisions also have their advantages as well as disadvantages. mentioned below are some of the disadvantages of buying a T.V set:

1. Expensive:

T.V is far more expensive than projector. Both can give large screen size but if large screen size is wanted in less money than clearly, projectors are always a better choice.

2. Experience:

Projectors give a much better experience as compared to television sets. And this is not the experience of some people, but majority of people think that projectors give lasting experience. As, projectors provide a bigger screen it always tempts people to buy projectors over Tv.

3. Heavy weight:

It is fairly difficult to life a television in contrast to projectors. hence, projectors are more mobile and easy to use. some projectors are small enough to be carried in backpacks.

Advantages of using a Projector:

1. Economical option:

In terms of monetary matters, projectors are a better option. By using a projector you can convert smaller screens of mobile or laptops into large screens. This can be achieved in fairly low prices and is thus an economical option.

2. Better Experience:

Projectors provide a cinematic experience even in home. If you want to watch a movie in dark and in the clean and peaceful environment of home then there is no better option than a projector.

3. Portable nature:

T.V is much more heavier as compared to projectors, especially mini projectors. So if you want to carry it to some other place you can easily carry contrast, televisions are not mobile and cannot be carried this easily.

Disadvantages of utilizing projectors:

1. Poor Sound Quality:

Projector most of the time lack inbuilt speakers and even if speakers are present, the sound quality is still poor. In order to get good quality, you need to connect external speakers which ultimately results in greater cost.

2. Requirement for darkness:

TV does not requires any necessary condition for its proper working, but this is not true for all the projectors. Projectors of lower quality require a dark room for providing good picture quality. But this drawback is only for cheap projectors.

3. Maintenance:

Televisions are easy to maintain. you do not need to change any parts for even decades. On the contrary, we need to change the lamps of projectors every now and then. This is why we have to spend our time and resources on projectors.


1. Can projector and TV work at the same time?

Yes! you can turn on both of them and then connect TV to your projector. in this way you turn on and use both at the same time.

2. What is the lifetime of a projector?

Projectors can last only few thousand hours time limit. When you exceed the given time, the bulbs and lights are replaced so that projector can function properly. But if we forget this necessary investment, then we will realize that these few thousand hours can be extended up to a decade.

3. Which option is better in case of eyes health: Projector Vs Tv?

The betterment of eye health is very important when looking for such electronic instruments. Again it depends upon the environment of the room in which the projector is to used. In light projector’s image is difficult to be seen where as in case of dark it is better option. Thus, choose wisely in accordance with your requirements.


After so much discussion we have come to a conclusion that every object has its own pros and cons. similarly, projectors and T.V s also have advantages as well as disadvantages. But if you consider Projector Vs Tv and which one to buy it depends upon a number of different factors like your budget, your area of use, environment of room where it is to be used, and last but not the least the reason for buying it.

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