Why Does My Projector Keep turning Off? 5 Reasons & Solution

Buying and using a projector is not a big deal these days but maintaining a projector takes a lot of efforts. Imagine you are in the middle of a movie or Tv show and suddenly your projector turns off, it would be a nightmare for a media consumer. So, we are here to answer your most asked question that why does my projector keep turning off? and also provide possible solutions to fix this problem. Read this article below to find the potential causes and solutions of this problem of projector.

Why Does My Projector Keep turning Off? Potential Causes

Why Does My Projector Keep turning Off? To explain the reasons we have listed the some potential causes for it below:

1. Weak or Low Battery:

The first and most common reason of turning off of projector is whether the battery health is reduced and it has become permanently weak and cannot store enough power or the battery is low and is not indicated. Moreover, in some projectors there is an indicator light which blinks when the projector battery is low but in old projector this light is not present so the low battery is not indicated. And also sometimes even this indicator light is fault and does not indicate the low battery. The solutions of this weak or low battery problem are mentioned below:

Replacement of the Battery:

If the battery health is deteriorated then charging the battery will not solve the problem you might need to replace the faulty battery with the new one. Faulty battery can be checked by calculating the charging and usage time of the battery and comparing it to the average usage time of the battery.

Charging the Battery:

If the battery is low then you just need to charge the battery to enjoy the content of your choice without any obstruction.

Replacement of the Indicator:

If the battery indicator light is not working properly and does not shows the battery status then you have to change the indicator so you can be informed the battery left in your projector so its sudden turning off can be avoided.

2. Fault In Projector Fan:

The function of the projector fan is to keep the projector cool. If the projector fan is faulty then it might cause the overheating of the projector even after some minutes of it turning on. So, we can say that projector might be turning off due to the overheating issues. Some of the solutions of this problem include:

Cleaning of the Projector Fan:

The projector fan might be dusty. Due to the dust build up on the fan it might cause problems in working or slow down so the fan must be cleaned regularly to ensure proper working of the fan and eventually the projector.

Fan Replacement:

The fan of the projector must be replaced if found broken. The replacement of the fan will prevent the overheating of the projector.

3. Overheating:

One of the most common reason causing the projector to turn off is overheating of projector. When the projector overheats it might cause anything to burn or burst so to prevent any permanent damage or risk it turns off automatically when it overheats. Solutions of the overheating problem include:

Placement of Projector:

The placement of projector in a place where the temperature is regularly maintained is very important to prevent its overheating issue. So, the place where the projector is mounted or placed must have any air conditioner or fan to cool the projector down while working.

Dust Cleaning:

The aggregation of dust in the projector fan can slow it down or even stop it. So, the projector must be placed in a location where dust is least present and its fan must be regularly cleaned for proper functioning.

4. Faulty Lamp:

The projector also seems turned off but actually it is not. This happens when the projector lamp is broken or is fault. Sometimes projector also keeps turning off due to the the lamp is burnt or has a burn spot in it. The faulty lamp can be indicated by flickering of the light of projector, it turns of slower than usual and it can also make noises.

Replacement of Lamp:

The only solution of this problem is to replace the faulty lamp. To learn how to replace projector lamp read our other articles.

5. Fault In Power Supply:

A fault in power supply might also cause the projector to turn off repeatedly. You need to find out the problem in the power supply system because it has a number of different components. So, the solutions include:

Checking and Replacing the Main Wire:

Check the main power supply wire if it is broken or damaged from any place. If it is perfect then move to the further diagnosis and if it is damaged and broken replace the wire.

Check the Power Outlet:

Sometimes the power outlet is faulty. If it is faulty you must need to change the power outlet and then again connect the projector to test out that whether it is working properly or not.


As the time passes the projectors are becoming more common. Buying and using a projector is common but maintenance of projector requires efforts. People face difficulty diagnosing the problems which have occurred to their projector. The most vast and frequent question asked is why does my projector keep turning off? which is explained in detail along with potential solutions to this problem in this article. I hope this article helps you. Good Luck!!!


1. How can we prevent the projector from turning off?

You can prevent the projector from turning off if you follow basic precautions such as keeping your projector clean, using a power surge protector, mounting the projector in a safe temperature and ventilated space and powering off the projector when it is not being used.

2. What can I do if no solution works?

There might be any other issue to the projector or you are not performing the solution in a correct way so you must contact a professional.

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