Epson EF-100 Review: Excellent Laser Projector

Portable projectors are now the talk of town. You can see a number of newly introduced portable projectors. One such portable projector which is famous for its design and functioning is Epson EF-100. Epson EF-100 review aims to highlight the qualities of this device. It also tells us about the pros as well as cons of buying this kind of projector.

This is surely the era of advancements. Similarly a number of different advancements have been observed in the home entertainment. The biggest innovative introduction is the LASER &LED technology. This is the same technology which has been used in this projector. The company claims that the lifetime for the Laser installed in Epson EF-100 can last at least20 thousand hours. But is it really possible. To know the answers read Epson EF-100 review. Not only this, but Epson EF-100 review gives all major to minor details about this projector. Let’s take an overview.

Epson EF-100 Review

Epson EF-100 Review: Basics

Coming in a small box this projector is accompanied by a sleek remote control, a cable, a guide and some other useful pamphlets. It is considered as one of the smallest projector with a 3 LCD technology. The quality of laser is excellent as Epson dealt with LCD projectors from early 1980s. The lens are fit enough to focus a signal from 2000 lumens at a time. In this way Epson may be the smallest projector, but it is also considered the brightest one in the whole range.

The interesting fact is that it is a projector of variable domains. For instance it is portable, it is an outdoor projector and a consumer projector. Besides, it is a ready to start device that works perfectly and need 4 to 5 minutes to start. Although it has a weight of 2.7 kg which is almost the same as other portable projector, but it is more sleek and handy in its appearance as well as handling. There are a number of various specification some of the major specifications discussed in Epson EF-100 review are mentioned below:

Epson EF-100

Epson EF-100


  • Brand: Epson
  • Model: EF-100
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p
  • Brightness: 2000 Lumens
  • Screen Size: 22′-150′
  • HDR: Not Supported

Why opt for Epson EF-100 review?

Now being the smallest projector of its kind with the brightest output, this projector has numerous other qualities that need to be mentioned. Some of the worth discussing features are as follows:

1. 3 LCD Technology:

All the projectors contain a single chip which is used to produce 3 primary colors. But in this projector a 3 LCD chip technology has been used in which 3 different colors are allotted to three chips. This provides bright and distinct colors which are a plus point when thinking about buying this device.

2. Laser Technology:

Although light sources are an essential in every device and are used for all devices, But Epson EP-100 review shows that it utilizes a laser technology for the purpose of producing light. This not only provides a high quality of videos as well as photographs, but also results in a longer lifetime in comparison to other projectors.

3. Integrated Sound System:

Epson EF-100 review shows that the concerned device comes with an integrated sound system which is a 5W speaker. This speaker allows the user to watch movies and videos without connecting any external devices. Epson EF-100 provides an average sound. So, if you want to use this projector in a home theatre then you might need to connect it to external speakers.

Epson EF-100 Review

4. Easy Set Up:

One problem faced by most users is setting up any projector in their rooms or outside the homes. But this projector comes with pamphlets which guide the user about each and every option present in the device. In this way it becomes extremely easy to set up and use this device. User can read the guide to explore the new features and make their screen time absolutely amazing.

5. Sleek And Compact Design:

Another feature that support the functioning of this projector is its sleek and smart body design. Moreover, it is lightweight and thus can be carried every where without any problem. Therefore, in Epson EF-100 review we can claim that the body shape of this projector makes it suitable for the carrying it from place to place just like Kodak Luma 350.

Epson EF-100 Review

6. Protected Ports:

The port for connecting different cables and devices are present on the rear side. The ports are covered by the mesh and are not readily visible. This hidden nature of port not only protects the ports but also provides a good view to the eyes where the body of the device is not covered with numerous ports.

Epson EF-100 Review

7. Image Quality:

Epson EF-100 have 3 LCD technology which uses 3 chips to create an image. It helps to produce a more detailed and vibrant image. Moreover, according to the resolution it provides enough brightness and colors. The images are sharp and accurate in colors which is the most appreciated feature in image quality. The only draw back is that the image contrast is pretty average but it covers in ambient lighted room.

Epson EF-100 Review

Pros And Cons:

Some of the pros and cons observed during Epson EF-100 review are mentioned below:


  • 3 LCD Chip Technology
  • Amazingly Bright
  • Android TV Stick
  • Compact


  • Single HDMI Port
  • Grey Bands In Images
  • No HDR


There are various projectors available in market but all of then have their own attracting features. Today we have provided you a complete Epson EF-100 review. It is a laser projector which means that the most important thing is that you don’t need to change its light source ever. It is a budget friendly projector with amazing brightness in a small, sleek design.

Clearly, it depends on the buyer to select a device according to their own requirements. If you are looking for a budget friendly and long lasting projector then Epson EF-100 is the best choice for you. I hope Epson EF-100 review provides you a complete guide about this projector. Good Luck!

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