Do Projectors Have Sound? Bitter Truth

Projector sounds like a device for projecting images and videos. But do projectors have sound? This might seem like a confusing question if you have encountered any vintage projector before. Old models of projectors which are now considered vintage, only projected images. Sound production was not a role of projectors. Although old models of projectors were without sound, new models expensive or cheap, all come with audio facility.

Read the article below if you want to know that “Do projectors have sound”.

Introduction: Do projectors have sound?

Projectors were used to enlarge the pictures and images. Then with the passage of time movies were displayed on projectors. But the movies were silent. Sound was played separately. But now every projector comes with in-built speakers. Therefore, you can project movies as well as pictures. In this way we moved from soundless to audio facility projectors. But then the issue came that many people tried to use projectors for home theatres but they did not knew that do projectors have sound?

Why need external speakers?

After having answered that “Do projectors have sound”, let us answer the second question “Why do we need external speakers”. A far as the in-built speakers are concerned, they are good enough to produce audio. But this sound is only enough for small rooms and spaces. But what will you do when you are using projectors for delivering lectures. Similarly, projector speaker will not be able to reach out to people in large conference rooms or cinemas and movie theatres.

So apparently the answer to your question that “do projectors have sound” can be answered as such that projectors do have sound but only for small spaces. So if you are addressing a large audience, then it is better to go with external speakers.

How to connect external device?

Another important question is that how do we connect the external device? External devices can be of two kinds; one is wireless kind of devices while others are wired audio devices. Both of the methods are described briefly below. It depends upon the user and the conditions that which method is better to be used.

Connecting wireless device to projector

As the name truly indicates, wireless devices do not need any wires. But if wires are not used then how do they transmit signals? Of course through Bluetooth. Yes Bluetooth is a savior when going wireless. Besides, connecting devices through Bluetooth is very easy. You just have to go to settings and turn on Bluetooth and then press connect. Then, the speaker is connected to the projector. If the connection is broken then repeat the procedure mentioned above to pair them again.

Do Projectors Have Sound

Connected wired external audio device to the projector

Connecting wireless devices to projectors is way more easier than connecting wired devices. This makes using wireless devices more easier. But if you have wired audio device then you must know how to connect it. As the name indicates, this method involves using wires. A 3.5mm jack cable is required for this purpose. This jack cable comes equipped with some of the projectors. But if your model does not comes with jack cables then you have to buy these either this kind of wire with 3.5 mm head or you can also opt for adapters.

Once you have ensures the availability of either jack cable or adapter, then you are ready to move on to the next step. The next step involves locating a port on you projector. This port should be able to support the jack cable or the adapter. After you locate the suitable port connect the ends of the jack cable or adapter. Also connect the end of the cable with the speaker. In this way you will be able to make a connection which will help you get excellent sound quality.

Do Projectors Have Sound

Disadvantage of external devices:

Are there any disadvantages of using external sound enhancing devices? If this is your question, then yes! external audio devices share a common disadvantage. These devices make the working of projector a bit slower. By slower we mean that the refresh rate is decreased. So if the external audio devices are used then you may observe a lag in the operation of the projector. Moreover, if we connect an external device it can increase the electricity consumption of the projector.


1. Do projectors have sound if they are portable?

Yes! even portable projectors come with in-built speakers. This is to prevent hassle of carrying external audio devices and bundle of wires while travelling.

2. How can you enhance the sound of your projectors?

Sometimes your projectors are not giving proper and loud audio. There is only one way to make your projector louder. It is to increase the volume.

3. Does noise affect sound quality?

Yes the noise from the fan decreases the quality of the sound produced by your device. This is because both the noise and the audio compete with each other.

4. What should we do with the sound of projector?

Most of the projectors have sound but it is minimal so if you are thinking about setting a home projector or gaming station then you must connect external speakers either wirelessly or with wired connection.


Do projectors have sound? If yes then why do we need external speakers? The first question was the question under consideration. After the whole step by step analysis we can conclude that all projectors now have sound. But this sound is only for small rooms.

But if the projectors are to be used in large rooms and for large audience then we need external devices. If you want to make a home theatre or gaming station then it is must that you use an external device for sound. These external devices are highly expensive. So do not buy them until it is necessary. If not necessary then you can go on with using the projector without any external audio device. Visit our website for more content about projectors Good Luck

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