Can Projector Replace TV: Ultimate Pros And Cons

Projectors are the latest piece of technology and has gained a lot of popularity. Moreover, projectors are popular due to their ability to convert the small screen media to larger screen. Projectors are now gaining popularity among gamers and also people are using them to create their own home theatres instead of going to theatres. The main question is that can projector replace TV. It is clear that TV is a media consumption device which has a lot of authority and power in recent decades.

Most of the people love to stick to their TV due to their ease of use and its convenience. Moreover TV has certain advantages over projectors. Same is the case with projectors that they have certain advantages over TV. It is difficult to decide which one is better but can projector replace TV? It depends upon certain factors which are explained below. Read the article below about can projector replace TV.

Pros of replacing Tv with a projector:

  • The projectors have a bigger display which is it’s major advantage over a conventional TV. This larger display tends to be an attracting factor among the TV users.
  • Projectors can be used as a replacement of theatre. It means you can create a small home theatre with a projector. On the other hand, watching a movie on TV is not that much fun as compared to watching it on a projector.
  • Projectors have better viewing angles as compared to TV. A better overall brightness and dynamic graphics which enhance the user experience of media consumption.
  • You can watch TV on projector with connecting to a fire TV stick to projector. Moreover, it has a number of different port selections to connect Phone, iPad and laptop to it. It can also stream online media using Wi-Fi. It means it is a versatile source of media consumption device.

We can say a projector is preferred over TV due to these distinguishing features.

Cons of replacing Tv with a projector:

  • If you are searching an answer for the question can projector replace TV then these cons will help you to find the answer.
  • TV is much more convenient than a projector due to its reduced space used in a room. As a projector is in two parts, it’s screen and the projector itself and you have to calculate a specific distance which is required for a projector to work perfectly. On the other hand, TV can be set anywhere in a room and is available in a very compact size also.
  • Due to the large size of the projector the clarity of the image is compromised. It means that the image on an HD TV is better than an image on projector as it is zoomed on projector and image appears grainy.
  • Moreover, if you have a projector you know that a shadow or obstruction in the path of light might block the image formation of a projector.
  • projectors are not too strong devices. It means they get extremely hot over a use of 3 hours constantly. In contrast to projectors TV can be used over a long durations constantly.
  • Lastly, TV have a better in-built speakers as compared to projectors so they provide a better sound experience. Many people ask a question that do projectors have sound? so the answer is that yes they have but a minimal sound. So, TV provide a better sound experience.

Price comparison while considering can projector replace TV:

If we consider the pricing of a Projector vs Tv you have to consider the pricing of a projector and its screen. You can get a 120 inch projector in about 800 dollars on the other hand if you want to buy an HD-TV of 8o inches it may cost you 4000 dollars. But the major disadvantage of a projector is that it is washed out in bright light or ambient lighting so you might buy a 190 dollar screen to prevent ambient lighting wash out.

Moreover, you can also save an additional money by using wall instead of buying a dedicated projector screen. But some people report that there are issues with using a wall with a projector. Some people say that the projector image is not smooth on the wall with a slander and then paint it with reflective protector screen on it. It may cost you an additional 100 dollars. But still the cost of buying and setting up a projector is much less as compared to TV.


Most of the people use a projector these days. But some of them are considering to switch from TV to projector permanently. The question is can projector replace TV? we have explained that it depends on various factors. If you consider small space then it is clear that TV is the best option as projector requires a certain area to work in. If you are thinking to develop a home theatre then projectors re only made for you. Gamers lover big screens but they need a projector with a high refresh rate so special projectors are designed for them.

If someone is considered with graphics then TV is the best choice because in projectors the images become grainy when increased in size. Moreover, if the budget is main concern then projectors are the clear winner. So, can projector replace TV? yes they can but it only depends on the choice of the user that what are their requirements for selection of the media consumption device. I hope this article helped you to decide your choice. Visit our website for more articles. Good luck!


1. Are projectors cheaper than TV?

If you talk about budget projectors are clearly the best option as HDTV are more than twice the price of a projector.

2. Can projector replace TV for gaming?

Yes! as the gamers prefer a larger screen. But gamers also prefer to use specific high refresh rate projectors for gaming so they can get a reduced input lag.

3. Which is that attractive feature causing the replacement?

Most of the people are attracted towards the large screen of a projector which is the reason people are considering to replace TV with projectors.

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