How To Hide Projector Wires: 5 Best Methods

These days everyone loves large screens and prefer to replace their Tv’s with projectors. There are a lot of pros in upgrading the screen from Tv to projector but it also has some cons. Due to the latest technology it is difficult to learn and understand its usability. In the case of projectors we have to take care of then more as compared to Tv’s. There are different ways to mount a projector for example some projectors are wall mounted, some are mounted using brackets and etc.

So today we are going to discuss another problem related to the mounting of projector. While mounting a projector the wires of the projectors are exposed. So we are here to teach you how to hide projector wires after mounting the projector. There are several ways to hide projector wires, some of them are discussed below:

Reasons of Hiding Projector Wires

There are several reasons to hide projector wires. If Projector wires are exposed they tend to an obstacle for the viewers. Moreover, if these wires are uncovered they can be very risky for children. These wires if loose can be very risky as the projector is also mounted and cause a problem.

How To Hide Projector Wires: Explanation

There are several ways hide the projector wires some of them are mentioned below:

1. Utilizing Cable Tunnels:

The most efficient make to hide projector wires is using cable tunnel. This method is not only used for the sake of hiding projector wires but it can be used to hide any kind of wire. It certainly gives a very neat appearance to the whole area without much efforts. Moreover, this is also an economical method which can be afforded for all.

Besides, you can easily conceal the tunnels by painting them in the color matching to your wall or according to the theme of your room.

2. Supporting Wires Against Window Frame:

If you do not think of a way about how to hide projector wires in an efficient yet inexpensive way then this method is the most recommended one. You can use the frame of the window to support the wire. For this purpose you need find the side of window which is least prominent. Then set the wire along the frame by using wire ties or wire holders.

It will be the most suitable option if your projector is very close to window. In this way you can prevent tangles wires. But if their is a long distance between window and projector then you may use cable tunnels to cover the wires along the sides of window frames.

3. Using Crown Moldings For Concealing Wires:

Although the question that how to hide projector wires seem simple yet it can be answered in multiple ways. For instance, you can use crown moldings. Now you might get confused that how to hide projector wires using a crown molding, but surely this method is simple as well as efficient. When crown moldings are installed on walls a certain amount of space is left behind. You can use this space efficiently.

Although this space is very narrow, yet it is wide enough to fit in a wire behind any difficulty. You can support wire against the wall and then install crown moldings over it in order to conceal the wires. If you lack crown molding, then simple molding can be used. Simple molding will not be as good as crown molding for hiding the projector wires but yet it is a good method if you are looking for inexpensive method. Besides, moldings appear as beautiful decorations in homes as well as offices.

4. Using Sound Proofing Material for Wires Concealation:

When using projector you should make sure that your room is sound proof so that the sound from projector may not cause disturbance in near by room. Moreover, you would not want to be disturbed by the sounds from the nearby rooms. So we can say that using sound proofing is a good idea specifically if you are installing a home theatre.

You are not the only one wondering about how to hide projector wires with sound proofing. You may be surprised to hear that sound proofing isn’t only used for sound proofing. It can insulate your homes. Moreover, you might as well tuck wires behind it for the purpose of concealment.

And sound proofing is not only in the form greyish foamy material. It can be decorative as well. In this way you can achieve our goals just by one step. You can insulate your homes, make the room sound proof, make your house look beautiful and hide projector wires as well. Now you must have realized that how to hide projector wires using sound proofing material.

5. Using Intrinsic Wires:

One difficult yet a more professional and permanent method is intrinsic wire fitting. This is the best answer to your question that how to hide projector wires. You can cut a hole in the ceiling and run the wire through it, until it reaches the electric outlet. This may seem like a difficult task and you can always resort to professional help for this work. In this way you can use a more professional method. This method may be expensive, but it is certainly more long lasting and convenient, specifically in offices.


I hope that we were able to answer the question for you that how to hide projector wires in a number of different ways. You can choose one of these methods according to your needs. If you do not have a problem in spending money then you can opt for intrinsic wires. But if you are looking for inexpensive method they wire tunnels are best. But if you are looking for a method that is cheap as well as efficient, then using sound proofing is your best option.

Does the wires in sight affect the quality of experience?

Certainly quality of experience is not affected by wires in sight. Although wires can still distract the viewer from the screen and they may loose focus. Moreover, the aesthetics of your room or home theatre or your office might get affected in a negative way.

Out of all the methods which one is the most inexpensive method?

If you are not willing to drill holes and spend a whole lot of money, then you can simply use sound proofing. As mentioned earlier this method can perform a number of functions in a very little money.

Can I hide projector wires in the ceiling or attic space?

Yes, you can route projector wires through your ceiling or attic space, but it may require professional installation if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. Be cautious with this approach to avoid damaging electrical or structural components and follow building codes.

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