Can All Projectors Do Rear Projection: Guide 2024

When selecting a projector for your room, the size of room is among a major determining factor that which type of projector is selected. So, if the room size is medium or large the projectors are used for rear as well as front projection but if the size is small people use projectors for front projectors. So many people ask that can all projectors do rear projection? or people buy separate projectors for it.

In front and rear projection the basics remain the same, only the position of the projection changes. It is discussed below that, can all projectors do rear projection if yeas then how?

Can All Projectors Do Rear Projection: Explanation

Basically, the question is can all projectors do rear projection and the answer is quiet simple that nearly all projectors possess a setting which allows them to do front and rear projection, accept very old models of projectors which can only do front projection. As, far as space is concerned people prefer front projection is small rooms as rear projections require quite a decent amount of space. Moreover, the requirement of type of projection can change with time so we must know how can we change the projection of a projector.

Most of the projectors have a button for switching between front and rear projection so the projector remains the same. Whereas, the screen is replaced when front and rear projection is switched. Mostly, regular common screen is used for front projection but a different screen is mounted for rear projection, methods used for mounting a projector screen are also mentioned in previous articles.

How All Projectors Are Eligible For Rear Projection?

To understand this first you should understand how rear projection is done? For rear projection the projector is placed and mounted behind the projector screen on the other hand for front projection the projector is fixed anywhere in the room in front of the screen. In both types of the projection the functioning and use of projector is same just its place is changed.

Moreover, all the projectors are capable for rear projectors but some of them are not preferred for it. Regardless of being eligible, some projectors cannot do rear projector not because the projector is not good but because the space where projector is mounted is very small and limited. Only short throw projectors can carryout this task. Yaber is the only brand which supports additional rear projection various catergories like, Ceiling rear, desktop rear etc.

Is Rear Projection or Front Projection Better?

In this rear projection or front projection competition some factors decide that which type of projection is better. As, both projections have their own potential benefits as disadvantages you have to choose the best type according to your requirements.

These few factors include the size of the room where the projector is going to be place, lighting of the room, and the sound coming out of projector. In majority of conditions front projection is considered better because it is easier to project and it appears to be more clearer than rear projection is if a high quality content like a text or movie is displayed front projection is preferred. But this also doesn’t mean that rear projection is useless.

For more quiet and sophisticated places like newsrooms, courts and museums rear projection is preferred as it produces less sound and is visually more appealing. In rooms with more ambient lighting rear projection works better than front projection. If space is an issue in front projection people can prefer short throw projectors.

Differences Between Front And Rear projection

There are some difference between both types the most important one is that the projector is placed in-front of the screen rather than in back as in rear projection. In rear projection all the equipment are hidden behind the projector screen. Rear projection produce less sound but front projection gives better resolution.

Which Screen Materials Are Best For Rear Projection?

The major difference in front and rear projection is the use of an entirely different screen for projection. For front screen projection any fabric can be used which produces an opaque screen as the main aim is to reflect as much light as possible. In this case a different screen is utilized for the purpose of reflecting the light.

On the contrary rear projection requires a fabric from which enough amount of light can be transmitted. Moreover, rear projection is utilized inmost professional and mega events so it is quite easy to find manufacturers who are willing to offer such a fabric which can be used in rear projection. In most of cases an off-white or grey colored fabric is used, through which some of the light is transmitted while major portion is reflected. But whatsoever the case, a strong projector is a requisite in rear projection so as to make up for the amount of light transmitted.

So if some one asks that can all projectors do rear projection, then the answer is that it is possible but with certain requirements like a piece of cloth and proper conditions to makeup for the loss.


With the passage of time projectors are becoming more common and advancements are made in this field. Front and Rear projection types are a major advancement in this field. So, most of the people ask a simple question that, can all projectors do rear projection? we have discussed it in detail and also provided an overview that how rear projection works. Moreover, methods to mount a projector and hang a projector screen are also discussed in previous articles which are necessary in projection process.


Which one do we need a new screen or a new projector for rear projection?

As we have discussed earlier all projectors are capable of doing rear projection. Regular screens are used for front projection but special screens are required for rear projection so it is he screen which is to be replaced.

What is the effect of ambient lighting on front and rear screen projection?

Ambient lighting always posses problems for screen projection of any type as these lights are bright colored and causes the image brightness of a projector to lower.

Can we utilize rear projection screen for front projection?

The utility of rear screen is extremely low because it has limited reflective capability so it can only be used better for rear projection.

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