Xgimi Elfin Review: Best Mid-Range So Far

There are a number of different projectors in the mid range bracket but being a mid range king is a tough task. To be the best projector among mid range projectors is a steep task because for this the projector must provide the best specifications and design in the lowest price possible. And we can clearly state that Xgimi Elfin tick all the boxes to be the best mid range projector in the market. Xgimi Elfin review provides a complete overview about the features, design and special options which are offered to its users.

Xgimi Elfin is one of the sleekest and lightest portable projector which is carriable anywhere but it requires a power source because it is not powered by a battery. Moreover, it is the only portable projector which provides best features among other portable projectors available in the market. Xgimi Elfin provides complete HDR processing and in built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Moreover, it has its own android 10 Tv setup and a lot of android applications are available in it.

Xgimi Elfin

Xgimi Elfin


  • Brand: Xgimi
  • Model: Elfin
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
  • HDR Compatibility: Yes
  • Brightness: 800 Lumens

Why Choose Xgimi Elfin Portable Projector?

1. Visual Quality:

Xgimi is a big name in the projector industry. It has manufactured a number of different projectors, each with fairly different qualities and features. Out of all other manufactured products, Xgimi Elfin portable is the most preferred one. And the reason for this preference lies in its image quality which is much better in comparison to the other Xgimi projectors designed so far.

Xgimi Elfin Review 1

2. Sound Quality:

Its 3 watt Harmon Kardon speakers provide a crisp sound with extreme clarity. Besides, its clarity is never compromised owing to its high volume range. It sounds similar to any small Bluetooth device. Most people opt this projector due to its favorable sound quality. Moreover, if you want to enjoy extreme bass then you can also connect external speakers through the ports.

Xgimi Elfin Review 3

3. Functionality & Performance:

When it comes to performance this projector functions really well. It does not lags and you would not experience glitches as well. Besides, it resolution makes it effective for picture or video projection. Therefore, it is best for office use and is preferred by many around us.

Xgimi Elfin Review; Detailed Analysis:

Now that we have highlighted some important features, let us understand the uniqueness of these features in detail.

1. Resolution and Brightness :

Although its resolution is same as other products i.e., 1080 p but it has an 800 lumen brightness. In contrast, all other siblings of Xgimi Elfin have a 300 lumen brightness. This higher level of brightness allows the projector under consideration to be used in diverse conditions. For instance, you do not need to use the projector only in dark room. You can use it in daylight and also on outdoor trips.

2. Functional Design:

When it comes to design and appearance then Xgimi Elfin Review shows that it is absolutely beautiful. It is unique in its appearance with no conventional curved corners. This beauty is further enhanced with the classic white color scheme.

Not only it is compact with its longest side ranging up to 20 centimeters, but also light weight. To our surprise it weight less than a kilo. You can fit it in a drawer or you can also pack it in a small backpack and travel outdoors without any worries.

It comes with a remote control which has all the operations tha are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the projector during the daily use. Besides, its lenses are highly safe behind a layer of hard glass which protects it from any kind of pressure. Not only this, but it also contains a sensor near the lenses which allows the automatic keystone correction feature.

3. Connectivity:

According to Xgimi Elfin review this projector comes with numerous port. Each port allows the user to connect a different device. For instance, it comes with a USB port, HDMI port as well as an audio jack of 3.5 millimeters.

Xgimi Elfin Review 2

4. Unique features:

Besides, it can also project 2K & 4K content via the HDMI port. It can easily project a 60 to 80 inches image with sharp visuals and bright hues even in daylight, but if the room is dark it can project image of a much greater size. Moreover, it has the feature of an automatic keystone correction which makes it convenient to mount.

Pros And Cons:


  • 800 Lumen Brightness
  • Supports 2K & 4K Content
  • Up-to 200 inches Image Size
  • Automatic Keystone Correction
  • Lightweight
  • Harmon Kardon Speakers


  • Average Image Throw
  • Doesn’t Support Netflix
  • Not Compatible With Portable Battery Packs


Can Xgimi Elfin to be considered as a portable projector?

Xgimi Elfin Review shows that it is light weight as well as compact. Therefore, it can certainly be included in the category of portable projector, which can be carried for trips, late night binge watching or other such purposes.

Is the image quality impacted by image size?

Yes! image size and image quality are very much inter-related. Once the image size reached between 60 to 80 inches, it is the best quality image. But as the image size is increased the quality is effected a little.

Why is Xgimi Elfin preferred over other projectors of the same manufacturers?

Xgimi provides reliable projectors, most with 1080 p resolution. But with a 300 ANSI lumen brightness. These are suitable for use in dark. But this projector comes with 800 lumen brightness, which makes it suitable to be used in daylight as well.

Is it compatible with external devices?

Yes! this device is compatible with every kind of external device as it has all kinds of ports from HDMI to USB and even an audio jack.


Projectors come in various shapes, sizes and features. Even the projectors manufactured by a similar company can be entirely different in their features as well as functions. Xgimi Elfin review can be categorized as a portable projector owing to its small size, compact design and light weight. Moreover, it is very well priced in accordance with the features that it provide.

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